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ControlType Property

FarPoint.Win Assembly > FarPoint.Win Namespace > SuperEditBase Class : ControlType Property
Gets or sets whether the control is read-write, read-only, static, or allows values to be changed by pressing buttons.
Public Overridable Property ControlType As ControlType
Dim instance As SuperEditBase
Dim value As ControlType
instance.ControlType = value
value = instance.ControlType
public virtual ControlType ControlType {get; set;}

Property Value

ControlType setting that determines how contents are handled

Use this property to determine how the contents of the edit control are handled. 

Note: The same events occur for read-only controls as for normal controls. For static controls, only the following events occur: Click, DoubleClick, DragDrop, DragOver, MouseDown, MouseMove, and MouseUp.

When the this property is set to ControlType.Static, the TabStop property is automatically set to false.

Setting ControlType.ButtonEdit has an effect only when the ButtonStyle property is set to a value other than ButtonStyle.None.

control.EditModeCursorPosition = FarPoint.Win.EditModeCursorPosition.LastKnownPosition;
control.Text = "This is a test for HideSelection";
control.ControlType = FarPoint.Win.ControlType.Normal;
control.SelectionStart = 2;
control.SelectionLength = 5;
control.Selectable = true;
control.HideSelection = false;
control.AutoMenu = true;
textBox1.Text = control.SelectedText();
control.MaxLength = 9;
control.EditModeCursorPosition = FarPoint.Win.EditModeCursorPosition.LastKnownPosition
control.Text = "This is a test for HideSelection"
control.ControlType = FarPoint.Win.ControlType.Normal
control.SelectionStart = 2
control.SelectionLength = 5
control.Selectable = True
control.HideSelection = False
control.AutoMenu = True
TextBox1.Text = control.SelectedText()
control.MaxLength = 9
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