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AutoMenu Property

FarPoint.Win Assembly > FarPoint.Win Namespace > SuperEditBase Class : AutoMenu Property
Gets or sets whether the control displays a context menu that provides basic edit operations.
Public Overridable Property AutoMenu As Boolean
Dim instance As SuperEditBase
Dim value As Boolean
instance.AutoMenu = value
value = instance.AutoMenu
public virtual bool AutoMenu {get; set;}

Property Value

Boolean value: true for the control to automatically use the drop-down menu; false otherwise

If this property is set to true, when the user clicks the right mouse button while the pointer is over the control at run time, the control displays a pop-up menu. You can create a custom menu using the ContextMenu property. The default menu has the basic edit operations listed in the following table.

Menu Item           Shortcut Keys       Function
Undo Ctrl+U Removes the last edit
Cut Ctrl+X Cuts text to the Clipboard
Copy Ctrl+C Copies text to the Clipboard
Paste Ctrl+P Pastes text from the Clipboard
Delete Ctrl+D Removes text
Select All Ctrl+A Highlights all text in the control    

Any operation that is not available is grayed out (disabled) in the menu.

control.EditModeCursorPosition = FarPoint.Win.EditModeCursorPosition.LastKnownPosition;
control.Text = "This is a test for HideSelection";
control.ControlType = FarPoint.Win.ControlType.Normal;
control.SelectionStart = 2;
control.SelectionLength = 5;
control.Selectable = true;
control.HideSelection = false;
control.AutoMenu = true;
textBox1.Text = control.SelectedText();
control.MaxLength = 9;
control.EditModeCursorPosition = FarPoint.Win.EditModeCursorPosition.LastKnownPosition
control.Text = "This is a test for HideSelection"
control.ControlType = FarPoint.Win.ControlType.Normal
control.SelectionStart = 2
control.SelectionLength = 5
control.Selectable = True
control.HideSelection = False
control.AutoMenu = True
TextBox1.Text = control.SelectedText()
control.MaxLength = 9
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