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ShortDateFormat Property (RegionalSettings)

FarPoint.Win Assembly > FarPoint.Win.SuperEdit Namespace > RegionalSettings Class : ShortDateFormat Property
Gets or sets the string to format the short (abbreviated) date value when the DateTimeFormat property is set to ShortDate or ShortDateWithTime.
Public Property ShortDateFormat As String
Dim instance As RegionalSettings
Dim value As String
instance.ShortDateFormat = value
value = instance.ShortDateFormat
public string ShortDateFormat {get; set;}

Property Value

String containing the format for date values

The short date format can be used to decode generic date values.

Note: This property supports all the custom date-time format characters except "f" (fractions of seconds), "z" (time zone offset), and multiple character formats with "f" and "z" (for example "ffff"). For more information on custom date and time formatting characters, see the "Custom Date Time Format Strings" section in Date and Time Format Strings in the Microsoft .NET Framework Reference.

To specify the long date format, set the LongDateFormat property. Get the date and time format specified for the current cultural settings by returning the value of the DateTimeFormat property.

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