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Color Property (LineBorder)

FarPoint.Win Assembly > FarPoint.Win Namespace > LineBorder Class : Color Property
Gets the color of the border.
Public ReadOnly Property Color As Color
Dim instance As LineBorder
Dim value As Color
value = instance.Color
public Color Color {get;}

Property Value

Color object containing the border line color

Get whether the line is drawn on each edge by returning the Bottom, Left, Right, and Top properties. Get the width and margins for the border by returning the Thickness and Inset properties.

You can set the color for the line border using any of the LineBorder constructors.

This example returns the color of the border.
FarPoint.Win.LineBorder lb = new FarPoint.Win.LineBorder(Color.Red);
Color c = lb.Color
MessageBox.Show("The color of the border is " + c.ToString() + ".");
Dim lb As New FarPoint.Win.LineBorder(Color.Red)
Dim c As Color = lb.Color
MessageBox.Show("The color of the border is " + c.ToString() + ".")
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