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ThreeState Property (FpCheckBox)

FarPoint.Win Assembly > FarPoint.Win Namespace > FpCheckBox Class : ThreeState Property
Gets or sets whether the check box control has a third state.
Public Overridable Property ThreeState As Boolean
Dim instance As FpCheckBox
Dim value As Boolean
instance.ThreeState = value
value = instance.ThreeState
public virtual bool ThreeState {get; set;}

Property Value

true if three-state check boxes; false for two-state

Check boxes can be either two-state (with true and false) or three-state (with true, false, and indeterminate). Indeterminate check boxes indicate that the condition is neither true nor false. For example, if some selected text is bold and some is not, a Bold check box might be indeterminate, to show the mixed state.

You can specify check box pictures for all the states using the Picture property. Specify text for the states using the TextIndeterminate, TextFalse, and TextTrue properties.

control.ThreeState = true;
control.Checked = false;
control.Picture[1] = Image.FromFile("..\\check1.bmp");
control.ThreeState = True
control.Checked = False
control.Picture(1) = Image.FromFile("..\check1.bmp")
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