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MarginRight Property (ElementStyle)

FarPoint.Win Assembly > FarPoint.Win Namespace > ElementStyle Class : MarginRight Property
Gets or sets the margin between the right edge of the object and its contents.
Public Overridable Property MarginRight As Integer
Dim instance As ElementStyle
Dim value As Integer
instance.MarginRight = value
value = instance.MarginRight
public virtual int MarginRight {get; set;}

Property Value

Integer number of pixels in margin

Specify the margin in pixels.

Set the bottom, left, and top margins by setting the MarginBottom, MarginLeft, and MarginTop properties.

The margin value represents the amount of space between the edge of the object and the text.

Note: An objects contents are aligned inside the margins. Therefore, if you define unequal margins, the object might not align its contents as you expect. For example, if you define unequal top and bottom margins and set the AlignVert property to Center, the contents will not appear vertically centered.

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