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BackgroundImage Property (ElementControl)

FarPoint.Win Assembly > FarPoint.Win Namespace > ElementControl Class : BackgroundImage Property
Gets or sets the background image for the control.

Gets or sets the background image for the control.

Public Overridable Shadows Property BackgroundImage As Picture
Dim instance As ElementControl
Dim value As Picture
instance.BackgroundImage = value
value = instance.BackgroundImage
public virtual new Picture BackgroundImage {get; set;}

Controls can display pictures in layers. The first layer consists of a foreground picture, next comes the content of the control, such as text and a picture, then comes the background picture, and finally, the "back" of the control, which displays the background color.

Set this property to specify the background picture layer.

This property is available at run time only.

Set the ForegroundImage property to specify the foreground picture layer. Set the Picture property to specify the picture in the content layer.

Set other features for the background picture using the following Picture class properties:

Specifies horizontal alignment
Specifies vertical alignment
Specifies the picture to display
Specifies how to display the picture, such as stretched proportionally or tiled
Specifies what color in the picture to make transparent

If the application changes the background picture, the BackgroundImageChanged event occurs.

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