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GetRowHeaderCellRectangle Method

FarPoint.Win.Spread Assembly > FarPoint.Win.Spread Namespace > SpreadView Class : GetRowHeaderCellRectangle Method
Index of the row of the viewport
Row index of the cell
Column index of the cell
Gets the rectangle of the cell in the row header.
Public Function GetRowHeaderCellRectangle( _
   ByVal rowViewportIndex As Integer, _
   ByVal row As Integer, _
   ByVal column As Integer _
) As Rectangle
Dim instance As SpreadView
Dim rowViewportIndex As Integer
Dim row As Integer
Dim column As Integer
Dim value As Rectangle
value = instance.GetRowHeaderCellRectangle(rowViewportIndex, row, column)
public Rectangle GetRowHeaderCellRectangle( 
   int rowViewportIndex,
   int row,
   int column


Index of the row of the viewport
Row index of the cell
Column index of the cell

Return Value

Rectangle object containing the cell rectangle

This method only returns cell rectangle information in the row headers of the sheet, and not for cells in the data area or the sheet corner or other parts of the Spread component. For cells in the data area, use GetCellRectangle methods. For cells in the column headers, use the GetColumnHeaderCellRectangle method.

This example uses the GetRowHeaderCellRectangle method.
FarPoint.Win.Spread.SpreadView sv;
sv = fpSpread1.GetRootWorkbook();
listBox1.Items.Add(sv.GetRowHeaderCellRectangle(0, 0, 0));
Dim sv As FarPoint.Win.Spread.SpreadView
sv = fpSpread1.GetRootWorkbook()
ListBox1.Items.Add(sv.GetRowHeaderCellRectangle(0, 0, 0))
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