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AddColumnFooterSpanCell Method

FarPoint.Win.Spread Assembly > FarPoint.Win.Spread Namespace > SheetView Class : AddColumnFooterSpanCell Method
Row index of cell to start span
Column index of cell to start span
Number of rows to span
Number of columns to span
Adds a span of cells to a column footer for a sheet.
Public Sub AddColumnFooterSpanCell( _
   ByVal row As Integer, _
   ByVal column As Integer, _
   ByVal rowCount As Integer, _
   ByVal columnCount As Integer _
Dim instance As SheetView
Dim row As Integer
Dim column As Integer
Dim rowCount As Integer
Dim columnCount As Integer
instance.AddColumnFooterSpanCell(row, column, rowCount, columnCount)
public void AddColumnFooterSpanCell( 
   int row,
   int column,
   int rowCount,
   int columnCount


Row index of cell to start span
Column index of cell to start span
Number of rows to span
Number of columns to span
This example uses the AddColumnFooterSpanCell method.
fpSpread1.Sheets[0].RowCount = 10;
fpSpread1.Sheets[0].ColumnCount = 15;
// Show the column footer.
fpSpread1.Sheets[0].ColumnFooter.Visible = true;
fpSpread1.Sheets[0].ColumnFooter.RowCount = 2;
fpSpread1.Sheets[0].ColumnFooter.DefaultStyle.ForeColor = Color.Purple;
fpSpread1.Sheets[0].ColumnFooter.Columns[12].HorizontalAlignment = FarPoint.Win.Spread.CellHorizontalAlignment.Left;
fpSpread1.Sheets[0].ColumnFooter.Cells[0, 12].RowSpan = 2;
fpSpread1.Sheets[0].ColumnFooter.Cells[0, 0].Value = "test";
fpSpread1.Sheets[0].AddColumnFooterSpanCell(0, 0, 1, 2);
FpSpread1.Sheets(0).RowCount = 10
FpSpread1.Sheets(0).ColumnCount = 15
' Show the footer.
FpSpread1.Sheets(0).ColumnFooter.Visible = true
FpSpread1.Sheets(0).ColumnFooter.RowCount = 2
FpSpread1.Sheets(0).ColumnFooter.DefaultStyle.ForeColor = Color.Purple
FpSpread1.Sheets(0).ColumnFooter.Columns(12).HorizontalAlignment = FarPoint.Win.Spread.CellHorizontalAlignment.Left
FpSpread1.Sheets(0).ColumnFooter.Cells(0, 12).RowSpan = 2
FpSpread1.Sheets(0).ColumnFooter.Cells(0, 0).Value = "test
FpSpread1.Sheets(0).AddColumnFooterSpanCell(0, 0, 1, 2)
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