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The following tables list the members exposed by NamedStyleCollection.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorOverloaded.   
Public Fields
Public Fieldstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)Represents the read-only collection of default styles. This field is read-only.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyGets whether the object in its entirety can be rendered with XML without losing any information.  
Public PropertyGets the number of styles (NamedStyle objects) in the collection.  
Public PropertyGets whether the collection has a fixed size. (This implementation always returns false.)  
Public PropertyGets whether the collection is read-only. (This implementation always returns false.)  
Public PropertyGets whether access to the collection is synchronized. (This implementation always returns false.)  
Public PropertyGets or sets the style (NamedStyle object) at the specified index in the collection.  
Public Methods
Public MethodOverloaded. Adds a style (NamedStyle object) to the collection.  
Public MethodOverloaded. Adds an array of styles (NamedStyle objects) to the collection.  
Public MethodRemoves all named styles from the collection.  
Public MethodComposes a style, using the current style and a specified NamedStyle object.  
Public MethodDetermines whether the collection contains the specified style (NamedStyle object).  
Public MethodOverloaded. Copies the styles in the collection to a specified array at a specified position.  
Public MethodLoads the collection of styles from XML.  
Public MethodFinds a style (NamedStyle object) in the collection with the specified name.  
Public MethodGets an IEnumerator object for enumerating through the NamedStyle objects in the collection.  
Public MethodPopulates a System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationInfo with the data needed to serialize the target object.  
Public MethodReturns the index of the specified style in the collection.  
Public MethodInserts a style into the collection at the specified index.  
Public MethodRemoves the specified named style from the collection.  
Public MethodRemoves a named style (NamedStyle object) from the collection at the specified index.  
Public MethodSaves the collection of styles to XML.  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodRaises the Changed event.  
Public Events
Public EventOccurs when a style is added, removed, or changed in the collection.  
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