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ColumnCount Property (GroupDataModel)

FarPoint.Win.Spread Assembly > FarPoint.Win.Spread.Model Namespace > GroupDataModel Class : ColumnCount Property
Gets the number of columns in the group.
Public Overrides Property ColumnCount As Integer
Dim instance As GroupDataModel
Dim value As Integer
instance.ColumnCount = value
value = instance.ColumnCount
public override int ColumnCount {get; set;}

Property Value

Integer number of columns
fpSpread1.AllowColumnMove = true;
fpSpread1.ActiveSheet.GroupBarInfo.Visible = true;
fpSpread1.ActiveSheet.AllowGroup = true;

FarPoint.Win.Spread.GroupInfo gi = new FarPoint.Win.Spread.GroupInfo();
gi.BackColor = Color.Yellow;

FarPoint.Win.Spread.GroupInfo gi2 = new FarPoint.Win.Spread.GroupInfo();
gi2.BackColor = Color.Green;

FarPoint.Win.Spread.GroupInfoCollection gic = new FarPoint.Win.Spread.GroupInfoCollection();
gic.AddRange(new FarPoint.Win.Spread.GroupInfo[] { gi, gi2 });


private void button1Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
      FarPoint.Win.Spread.Model.GroupDataModel gm;
      if ((fpSpread1.ActiveSheet.Models.Data) is FarPoint.Win.Spread.Model.GroupDataModel)
            gm = (FarPoint.Win.Spread.Model.GroupDataModel)fpSpread1.ActiveSheet.Models.Data;
            int i;
            i = gm.ColumnCount();
FpSpread1.AllowColumnMove = True
FpSpread1.ActiveSheet.GroupBarInfo.Visible = True
FpSpread1.ActiveSheet.AllowGroup = True

Dim gi As New FarPoint.Win.Spread.GroupInfo
gi.BackColor = Color.Yellow

Dim gi2 As New FarPoint.Win.Spread.GroupInfo
gi2.BackColor = Color.Green

Dim gic As New FarPoint.Win.Spread.GroupInfoCollection()
gic.AddRange(New FarPoint.Win.Spread.GroupInfo() {gi, gi2})


Private Sub Button1Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

      Dim gm As FarPoint.Win.Spread.Model.GroupDataModel
      If TypeOf (FpSpread1.ActiveSheet.Models.Data) Is FarPoint.Win.Spread.Model.GroupDataModel Then
            gm = FpSpread1.ActiveSheet.Models.Data
            Dim i As Integer
            i = gm.ColumnCount
      End If

End Sub
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