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ColumnList Property (ColumnWidthChangingEventArgs)

FarPoint.Win.Spread Assembly > FarPoint.Win.Spread Namespace > ColumnWidthChangingEventArgs Class : ColumnList Property
Gets the list of columns whose widths have changed.
Public ReadOnly Property ColumnList As ArrayList
Dim instance As ColumnWidthChangingEventArgs
Dim value As ArrayList
value = instance.ColumnList
public ArrayList ColumnList {get;}

Property Value

ArrayList containing the list of columns
This example cancels the change if the width is less than that specified.
private void fpSpread1_ColumnWidthChanging(object sender, FarPoint.Win.Spread.ColumnWidthChangingEventArgs e) {
if (e.Header) {
int i;
for (i = 0; (i <= e.ColumnList.Count - 1; i++) 
e.View.Sheets(e.View.ActiveSheetIndex).RowHeader.Columns(i).BackColor = Color.PowderBlue;
if ((e.Width <= 60)) 
e.Cancel = true;
Private Sub FpSpread1_ColumnWidthChanging(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As FarPoint.Win.Spread.ColumnWidthChangingEventArgs)
Handles FpSpread1.ColumnWidthChanging
If e.Header Then
Dim i As Integer
For i = 0 To e.ColumnList.Count - 1
e.View.Sheets(e.View.ActiveSheetIndex).RowHeader.Columns(i).BackColor = Color.PowderBlue
If e.Width <= 60 Then
e.Cancel = True
End If
End If
End Sub
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