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IsRowVisibleSensitive Method

FarPoint.CalcEngine Assembly > FarPoint.CalcEngine Namespace > FunctionInfo Class : IsRowVisibleSensitive Method
Index of the argument, -1 for context
Number of passing argument
Determines whether the evaluation of the function is dependent on the row visible state of cells in refered range when being passed to a specified number of argument.
Public Overridable Function IsRowVisibleSensitive( _
   ByVal i As Integer, _
   ByVal argCount As Integer _
) As Boolean
Dim instance As FunctionInfo
Dim i As Integer
Dim argCount As Integer
Dim value As Boolean
value = instance.IsRowVisibleSensitive(i, argCount)
public virtual bool IsRowVisibleSensitive( 
   int i,
   int argCount


Index of the argument, -1 for context
Number of passing argument
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