ComponentOne VSFlexGrid 8.0
VSFlexGrid Samples

Please be advised that this ComponentOne software title is accompanied by various sample projects and/or demos, which may or not make use of other ComponentOne development tools. While the sample projects and/or demos included with the software are used to demonstrate and highlight the product’s features, and how the control may be integrated with the rest of the ComponentOne product line, some of the controls used in the demo/sample project may not be included with the purchase of certain individual products.

Samples for the product are installed in the ComponentOne Samples folder by default. The path of the ComponentOne Samples directory is slightly different on Windows XP and Windows 7/Vista machines:

Windows XP path: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\ComponentOne Samples

Windows 7/Vista path: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\ComponentOne Samples

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