ComponentOne List 8.0 for ActiveX
Redistributable Files

True DBList Pro 8.0 is developed and published by ComponentOne LLC. You may use it to develop applications in conjunction with Microsoft Visual Studio or any other programming environment that enables the user to use and integrate the control(s). You may also distribute, free of royalties, the following Redistributable Files with any such application you develop to the extent that they are used separately on a single CPU on the client/workstation side of the network:



ComponentOne True DBList Pro 8.0. This is an ICursor-based control compatible with the intrinsic data control of Visual Basic and the Microsoft Remote Data Control.


ComponentOne True DBList Pro 8.0 (OLE DB). This control is compatible with OLE DB and ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) data sources, such as the Microsoft ADO Data Control and the Data Environment of Visual Basic 6.0.


Unbound mode support DLL for use with TODL8.OCX. This file is not used by TDBL8.OCX, which contains built-in unbound mode support. This file is shared with True DBGrid 8.0.


Printing, print preview, and export support DLL for use with TDBL8.OCX and TODL8.OCX. This file is shared with True DBGrid 8.0.


ComponentOne XArrayDB Object. This is the enhanced version that supports sorting and searching.


Note: End users of your applications are not licensed to use True DBList for development, and may not redistribute any of the above control files.

You are not licensed to distribute any True DBList file to users for development purposes. You are not allowed to add or transfer the True DBList license key to the registry of your users' computer(s).

In particular, if you create a control using a True DBList component as a constituent control, you are not licensed to distribute the control you created with the True DBList component to users for development purposes.

It is your responsibility to make such restrictions clear to your users.

Site licenses are available for groups of multiple developers. Please contact for details.



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