ComponentOne InputPanel for WPF
InputPanel Elements

InputPanel control provides four types of elements: navigation buttons, action buttons, content panel, and commit/cancel button.

The following image shows the elements of the InputPanel control.

The following table describes the elements of InputPanel control:

Element Name Description
Navigation buttons Allows navigation to a specific record through next/previous/first/last buttons. These buttons are provided at the top left of the InputPanel control.
Action buttons Includes the Add button to add records and Delete button to delete records. These buttons are available at the top right of the InputPanel control.
Content Panel Indicates the area that contains the fields in form layout where user can view/edit the records at runtime.
Commit/Cancel button Consists of OK/Cancel button where edits are saved/committed with the OK button and cancelled using the Cancel button. These buttons are available at the bottom right of the InputPanel control.
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