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Decompresses data from .NET streams.
Object Model
C1ZStreamReader ClassZStream Class
Public Class C1ZStreamReader 
   Inherits System.IO.Stream
public class C1ZStreamReader : System.IO.Stream 

To decompress data from a compressed stream, create a C1ZStreamReader object passing the compressed stream to the C1ZStreamReader constructor.

Then read the data from the C1ZStreamReader using the Read method, or create a System.IO.StreamReader on the C1ZStreamReader. The second option is indicated when you want to read formatted data.

The code below decompresses a string that was stored into a memory stream object:
public string ExpandString(byte[] buffer)
	// turn buffer into a memory stream
	var ms = new MemoryStream(buffer);
	// attach decompressor stream to memory stream
	var sr = new C1ZStreamReader(ms);
	// read uncompressed data
	var reader = new StreamReader(sr);
	return reader.ReadToEnd();
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