ComponentOne True DBGrid for WinForms
True DBGrid for WinForms

True DBGrid for WinForms is a set of robust, easy-to-use .NET grid controls that allow you to create complex bound and unbound grid applications quickly. True DBGrid for WinForms's strength is data binding; with an ADO.NET managed database interface, True DBGrid for WinForms offers features like Excel-like split views and built-in hierarchical binding and grouping that'll boot end-user productivity. Ease of use extends to the developer, too; controls are based on Microsoft specifications, so you'll have no problems using True DBGrid for WinForms if you're familiar with the Microsoft .NET object and collection models. The Target framework for WindowsForms applications which use .Net 4 build of C1TrueDBGrid control should be .NET Framework 4 Client Profile.  

With two controls, C1TrueDBGrid, a full-featured grid control, and C1TrueDBDropDown, a multicolumn drop-down list box for a grid column, True DBGrid for WinForms includes dozens of advanced features including data access, data presentation (such as splits, grouping, filtering, and customized navigation), and user interface features (including Office 2007 and Office 2010 Visual Styles), that you can use to build intuitive, reliable, professional-looking grid applications.

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