AccessKey Property (C1QRCode)
AccessKey Property (C1TargetControlBase)
Add a Logo
API Reference
ApplyStyle Method (C1QRCode)
ApplyStyle Method (C1TargetControlBase)
ApplyStyleSheetSkin Method (C1QRCode)
ApplyStyleSheetSkin Method (C1TargetControlBase)
AutoSize Property
BackColor Property
Barcode Enabled Fill and Print Application
Business Card QRCode
C1.Web.Wijmo.Controls Namespace
C1.Web.Wijmo.Controls.4 Assembly
C1.Web.Wijmo.Controls.C1QRCode Namespace
C1BaseStateManager Class
C1QRCode Class
C1QRCode Constructor (C1QRCode)
C1TargetControlBase Class
CDNDependencyPaths Property
CDNPath Property
ClientIDMode Property (C1QRCode)
ClientIDMode Property (C1TargetControlBase)
Client-Side Reference
Code Version
CodeVersion Property
CopyBaseAttributes Method (C1QRCode)
CopyBaseAttributes Method (C1TargetControlBase)
CssClass Property (C1QRCode)
CssClass Property (C1TargetControlBase)
DataBind Method (C1QRCode)
DataBind Method (C1TargetControlBase)
DataBinding Event (C1QRCode)
DataBinding Event (C1TargetControlBase)
Design-Time Support
DisplayVisible Property
Dispose Method (C1QRCode)
Dispose Method (C1TargetControlBase)
Disposed Event (C1QRCode)
Disposed Event (C1TargetControlBase)
Empty Field
EnableCombinedJavaScripts Property
Enabled Property
EnableTheming Property (C1QRCode)
EnableTheming Property (C1TargetControlBase)
EnableViewState Property (C1QRCode)
EnableViewState Property (C1TargetControlBase)
Encoding Enumeration
Encoding Property
Equality Operator
Equals Method
Error Correction Level
ErrorCorrectionLevel Enumeration
ErrorCorrectionLevel Property
FindControl Method (C1QRCode)
FindControl Method (C1TargetControlBase)
Focus Method (C1QRCode)
Focus Method (C1TargetControlBase)
ForeColor Property
GetHashCode Method
GetPropertyValue<V> Method
GetRouteUrl Method (C1QRCode)
GetRouteUrl Method (C1TargetControlBase)
GetScriptDescriptors Method (C1QRCode)
GetScriptDescriptors Method (C1TargetControlBase)
GetScriptReferences Method
GetUniqueIDRelativeTo Method (C1QRCode)
GetUniqueIDRelativeTo Method (C1TargetControlBase)
HasControls Method (C1QRCode)
HasControls Method (C1TargetControlBase)
Height Property (C1QRCode)
Height Property (C1TargetControlBase)
Help with ASP.NET Web Forms Edition
ID Property (C1QRCode)
ID Property (C1TargetControlBase)
Inequality Operator
Init Event (C1QRCode)
Init Event (C1TargetControlBase)
Load Event (C1QRCode)
Load Event (C1TargetControlBase)
MergeStyle Method (C1QRCode)
MergeStyle Method (C1TargetControlBase)
PointF Constructor (PointF)
PointF Structure
PreRender Event (C1QRCode)
PreRender Event (C1TargetControlBase)
QRCode Features
Quick Start: Add and Generate QRCode
RegisterDesignTimeStyleSheet Method
RenderBeginTag Method (C1QRCode)
RenderBeginTag Method (C1TargetControlBase)
RenderControl Method (C1QRCode)
RenderControl Method (C1TargetControlBase)
RenderEndTag Method (C1QRCode)
RenderEndTag Method (C1TargetControlBase)
ResolveClientUrl Method (C1QRCode)
ResolveClientUrl Method (C1TargetControlBase)
ResolveUrl Method (C1QRCode)
ResolveUrl Method (C1TargetControlBase)
SetPropertyValue<V> Method
SetRenderMethodDelegate Method (C1QRCode)
SetRenderMethodDelegate Method (C1TargetControlBase)
SkinID Property (C1QRCode)
SkinID Property (C1TargetControlBase)
Store Form Data in QRCode
SymbolSize Property
TabIndex Property (C1QRCode)
TabIndex Property (C1TargetControlBase)
Text Property
Theme Property
ThemeSwatch Property
ToolTip Property (C1QRCode)
ToolTip Property (C1TargetControlBase)
Unload Event (C1QRCode)
Unload Event (C1TargetControlBase)
UseCDN Property
User Scenarios
ValidateRequestMode Property (C1QRCode)
ValidateRequestMode Property (C1TargetControlBase)
ViewStateMode Property (C1QRCode)
ViewStateMode Property (C1TargetControlBase)
Width Property (C1QRCode)
Width Property (C1TargetControlBase)
WijmoControlMode Property
WijmoCssAdapter Property
X Property
Y Property