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In FlexChart, you can create different plot areas for different series within a single chart area. This increases the viewability of data by displaying each series in a separate plot area across one axis, keeping other axis fixed.   

The following image displays a chart that consists of three plot areas across Y axis:

The following code example demonstrates how to create plot areas in FlexChart. This example uses the sample created in the Quick Start section.

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@using C1MvcWebAppPlotAreas.Models 
@model IEnumerable<FruitSale>

    var flexChart;
    c1.documentReady(function () {
        flexChart = wijmo.Control.getControl('#flexChart');

        addPlotArea(0, "plot1", { fill: 'rgba(136,189,230,0.2)' }, null);
        addPlotArea(1, "div1",null, 20);
        addPlotArea(2, "plot2", { fill: 'rgba(136,189,230,0.2)' }, null);
        addPlotArea(3, "div2", null, 20);
        addPlotArea(4, "plot3", { fill: 'rgba(136,189,230,0.2)' }, null);
        flexChart.series[1].axisY.plotArea = flexChart.plotAreas.getPlotArea('plot2');
        flexChart.series[2].axisY.plotArea = flexChart.plotAreas.getPlotArea('plot3');

    function addPlotArea(row, name, style, height) {
        var plotArea = new wijmo.chart.PlotArea();
        plotArea.row = row; = name;
        if (style) {
   = style;

        if (height) {
            plotArea.height = height;


    .AxisX(axis => axis.Title("Date"))
    .Series(sers =>
        sers.Add().Binding("SalesInUSA").Name("Sales In USA");
        sers.Add().Binding("SalesInJapan").Name("Sales In Japan").AxisY(axis =>
        sers.Add().Binding("SalesInChina").Name("Sales In China").AxisY(axis =>