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ASP.NET MVC Edition controls comprise three kinds of gauges: Linear Gauge, Radial Gauge and Bullet Graph.




Linear Gauge: A linear gauge displays the value along a linear scale, using a linear pointer.

A linear gauge is commonly used to denote data as a scale value such as length, temperature, etc.

Radial Gauge: A radial gauge displays the value along a circular scale, using a curved pointer. The scale can be rotated as defined by the StartAngle and SweepAngle properties.

A radial gauge is commonly used to denote data such as volume, velocity, etc.

Bullet Graph: A bullet graph displays a single value on a linear scale, along with a target value and ranges that instantly indicate whether the value is good or bad using the Good and Bad properties.

A bullet graph is a variant of a linear gauge, designed specifically for use in dashboards that display a number of single value data, such as yearly sales revenue.

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