ComponentOne ASP.NET MVC Controls
Configuring NuGet Package Sources

ComponentOne MVC references have to be added to the projects that are created using Visual Studio MVC template. ComponentOne ASP.NET Core MVC references are available through NuGet, a Visual Studio extension that automatically adds libraries and references to your project. NuGet package for ASP.NET Core MVC is provided at, which is available in Visual Studio on installing ASP.NET MVC Edition.

Note: The latest NuGet packages will be available in package source. In case you want to access release builds before 2017v3 release, you need to access package source.

To Manually Create Nuget Feed Source

If you install the ASP.NET MVC Edition, GrapeCity NuGet source is available by default in Package Sources in your Visual Studio. Otherwise, you need to manually add GrapeCity NuGet source URL to Package Sources in Visual Studio.

Complete the following steps to add NuGet feed URL to your NuGet settings in Visual Studio.

  1. From the Tools menu, select NuGet Package Manager | Package Manager Settings. The Options dialog box appears.
  2. In the left pane, select Package Sources.
  3. Click the button in the top right corner. A new source is added under Available Package Sources.
  4. Set a Name of the new package source and the Source as

  5. Click Update | OK.

NuGet package source has been created.