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Using C1DataEngine
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The C1DataEngine can be used independently for data blending and analysis by executing queries. A query takes data from base tables or from other queries, performs operations on that data such as joining multiple tables, filtering, calculations, grouping, aggregation, and saves results as a new table in the DataEngine.

Query results can then be used in various ways including but not limited to:

The unique advantage of using DataEngine queries compared with other programming techniques is their exceptional performance. A query can often process millions of records in a second or less. In addition, DataEngine queries support custom operations, which allows you to create user-specific queries for both simple and group operations (aggregation).  

Refer to the product sample DataEngineQueries sample at the following location in your system to see the C1DataEngine in full action.

C:\...\Documents\ComponentOne Samples\WinForms\C1FlexPivot\CS or VB\DataEngineQueries.

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