ComponentOne FlexPivot for WinForms
Updating Data
Quick Start: FlexPivot for WinForms > Updating Data

FlexPivot enables users to add and update data incrementally through the C1DataEngine. This feature saves users from loading the entire data in every session since the data added in the first session persists. You can achieve this functionality by adding a few lines of code to your application. The data gets loaded into the view instantly without any delay in importing data since it is stored in memory-mapped files.

Refer to the product sample DataUpdate stored at the following location in your system to see the C1DataEngine in full action 

C:\...\Documents\ComponentOne Samples\WinForms\DataUpdate.

Complete the following steps to incrementally update data in the FlexPivotPage control.

  1. Add the following code in the Form1_Load event. The code given below immediately loads the data into the C1DataEngine if the folder pointed out by the data path is not empty. The FlexPivotPage control also displays the loaded data into the view once it is connected to the C1DataEngine.
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  2. To add new rows of data to the persisted view, use connect.AppendData method as mentioned below.
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  3. By default, a FlexPivot application automatically updates the results once the AppendData method finishes. To delay updates, use BeginUpdate and EndUpdate methods. You can call the EndUpdate method to update FlexPivot results when you are finished with adding data using connectors.
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