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C1.Win.Input Namespace
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C1.Win.Input.MultiSelect.4 Assembly : C1.Win.Input Namespace
ClassA list-based control with optional check boxes for each item, different selection modes and ability to select/unselect all items.
ClassRepresents an item of a C1CheckList.
ClassRepresents a collection of C1CheckListItem objects.
ClassProvides data for the C1CheckList.ApplyItemStyles event of a C1CheckList class.
ClassRepresents a collection of selected C1CheckListItem objects.
ClassA tag editor-based control with check list as drop-down.
ClassContains information about a data binding.
ClassRepresents the styles of C1CheckList item.
ClassRepresents the styles of C1CheckList.
ClassDefines style of C1CheckList header.
ClassDefines style of C1CheckList item state.
ClassContains information about data source and other data binding options.
ClassRepresents a collection of tags.
EnumerationDefines how to display text of control.
EnumerationDefines the selection behavior for a control.
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C1.Win.Input.MultiSelect.4 Assembly