ComponentOne FlexPivot for WinForms
C1.FlexPivot Namespace
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C1.DataEngine.4 Assembly : C1.FlexPivot Namespace
ClassConditional style applied to cells depending on their value.
ClassClass that tabulates data in a DataSource according to lists of fields and creates a System.Data.DataTable exposed by the FlexPivotTable property.
ClassRepresents a property of the items in the data source.
ClassRepresents a list of C1FlexPivotField objects.
ClassStyle used to display field values to the user.
ClassRepresents a filter used to select values for a field.
ClassRepresents a combination of C1FlexPivotField objects and their values.
ClassProvides data for the RangeInfo.CustomRange event.
ClassRepresents a condition within a C1FlexPivotFilter.
ClassRepresents a collection of unique values of type T.
InterfaceInterface for field ranges.
DelegateRepresents a method that handles the RangeInfo.CustomRange.
DelegateUsed by C1FlexPivotEngine.Exec to report progress updates.
EnumerationRepresents operators that can be used in filter conditions.
EnumerationSpecifies the type of comparison to be used when applying a C1FlexPivotConditionalFieldStyle.
EnumerationSpecifies calculations to be applied to cells in the output view.
EnumerationSpecifies whether to include totals in the output table.
EnumerationSpecifies the type of subtotal (aggregate) statistic to calculate.
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