ComponentOne FlexPivot for WinForms
WeightField Property

C1.DataEngine.4 Assembly > C1.FlexPivot Namespace > C1FlexPivotField Class : WeightField Property
Gets or sets the C1FlexPivotField used as a weight for calculating subtotals on this field.
Public Property WeightField As C1FlexPivotField
public C1FlexPivotField WeightField {get; set;}

If this property is set to null, all values are assumed to have weight one.

This property allows you to calculate weighted averages and totals. For example, if the data contains a 'Quantity' field and a 'Price' field, you could use the 'Price' field as a value field and the 'Quantity' field as a weight. The output would contain a weighted average of the data.

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