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Style Property (C1FlexPivotField)

C1.DataEngine.4 Assembly > C1.FlexPivot Namespace > C1FlexPivotField Class : Style Property
Gets the C1FlexPivotFieldStyle used to display the field values on the grid.
Public ReadOnly Property Style As C1FlexPivotFieldStyle
public C1FlexPivotFieldStyle Style {get;}

This property allows you to assign style properties to a specific C1FlexPivotField, customizing the way the field values are displayed to the user.

Customizing the appearance of a field can be useful in views that contain multiple value fields.

For example, the code below creates a view with two value fields and gives one of the fields a green background:

// create view var fp = this.c1FlexPivotPage1.FlexPivotEngine; fp.RowFields.Add("ProductName"); fp.ColumnFields.Add("Country"); fp.ValueFields.MaxItems = 2; fp.ValueFields.Add("ExtendedPrice", "Freight"); // give the "ExtendedPrice" field a green background var f = fp.Fields["ExtendedPrice"]; f.Style.BackColor = Color.FromArgb(240, 255, 240);

You can also create conditional styles using the StyleHigh and StyleLow properties.

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