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GetUniqueValues(IEnumerable,Dictionary<String,Object>,String,CancellationToken) Method

C1.DataEngine.4 Assembly > C1.FlexPivot Namespace > C1FlexPivotEngine Class > GetUniqueValues Method : GetUniqueValues(IEnumerable,Dictionary<String,Object>,String,CancellationToken) Method
Data source collection.
View definition used for performing aggregation.
The name of the field to provide unique values for.
Enables task cancellation.
Lists unique values of a field for the server's clients.
Public Overloads Shared Function GetUniqueValues( _
   ByVal dataSource As System.Collections.IEnumerable, _
   ByVal view As System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary(Of String,Object), _
   ByVal fieldName As System.String, _
   ByVal cancelToken As System.Threading.CancellationToken _
) As System.Threading.Tasks.Task(Of IList)
public static System.Threading.Tasks.Task<IList> GetUniqueValues( 
   System.Collections.IEnumerable dataSource,
   System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<string,object> view,
   System.string fieldName,
   System.Threading.CancellationToken cancelToken


Data source collection.
View definition used for performing aggregation.
The name of the field to provide unique values for.
Enables task cancellation.

Return Value

Collection of objects with properties Name (string) and Type (System.Type)

Using this method, a client can show a list of values for the user to choose from.

Specifying the view (and not just a field name) for which values are to be listed is necessary because list of values can depend on the field's format (for example, values can be rounded).

Clients need to be aware that getting value list can take considerable time if number of rows in the source data is very large.

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