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GetMetadataCube Method

C1.DataEngine.4 Assembly > C1.FlexPivot Namespace > C1FlexPivotEngine Class : GetMetadataCube Method
SSAS connection string.
Cube name.
Enables task cancellation.
Lists fields with their metadata for a SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) cube.
Public Shared Function GetMetadataCube( _
   ByVal connection As System.String, _
   ByVal cubeName As System.String, _
   ByVal cancelToken As System.Threading.CancellationToken _
) As System.Threading.Tasks.Task(Of Dictionary(Of String,Object))
public static System.Threading.Tasks.Task<Dictionary<string,object>> GetMetadataCube( 
   System.string connection,
   System.string cubeName,
   System.Threading.CancellationToken cancelToken


SSAS connection string.
Cube name.
Enables task cancellation.

Return Value

Dictionary containing key/value pairs for metadata parts, where key is the name of the part.

Only one metadata part is supported (multiple parts are allowed here for consistency with GetMetadata methods for DataEngine tables and DataSource, and for future extensions):

"fields": IList collection containing field information, objects with following properties:

Name (string): field name by which it is known to the client.

UniqueName (string): name identifying the field in the cube.

DimensionType (enum): one of the following enum values defining the role of the field in the cube: Dimension = 0, Measure = 1, Kpi = 2, Attribute = 4, Folder = 5, Hierarchy = 6.

SubFields (IList): Collection of metadata objects for child fields.

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