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Save Method

C1.DataEngine.4 Assembly > C1.DataEngine Namespace > Workspace Class : Save Method
Saves workspace metadata to disk.
Public Sub Save() 
public void Save()
Use this method only if you want to override the default behavior saving metadata on disk every time it changes. Workspace storage (in the folder specified in Init) contains data (memory-mapped) files for base tables and queries and also a file called metadata.xml containing metadata describing the structure of all base tables and queries. Metadata changes when a new table or query is created, and it can also change when a query is executed. When DataEngine is initialized with data already existing on disk, it is essential that metadata file contains up-to-date information. By default, it is ensured automatically by saving the metadata file every time metadata changes. If you don't want to spend time (usually insignificant) on these autosaves, set the AutoSave property to false and call the Save method when you are done working with the workspace.
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