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ClearFileType Enumeration

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Kind of data files to delete (for disk cleanup). Used in the Workspace.Clear method.
Public Enum ClearFileType 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum ClearFileType : System.Enum 
AllDelete all workspace files, including the original table data. Use this value with caution. It wipes out all DataEngine data for the workspace.
IndexDelete all indexes (table row ids sorted by one or more fields) created in calculations.
JoinDelete all joins created in calculations.
ProjectionDelete all projections (files containing field values projected on an index sort order) created in calculations. Projections are kept (in automatic cleanup) together with corresponding indexes, that is why there is no separate value for them in the KeepFileType enum, but they can be deleted separately from indexes in manual cleanup.
ResultsDelete all result files (data sent to the client) created in calculations.
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