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Title Elements

The calendar can have two titles, one for the calendar title and the other for the month title. The calendar title is the group title shared by all the month views. It appears at the top of the calendar in a single month or multiple month view. The month view title appears below the calendar title in a multiple calendar view. The default calendar displays the calendar title element.

The calendar and month title's display is affected by the type of format strings applied to the CalendarTitle and MonthViewTitle properties. For more information on the title strings, see Calendar Title Settings.

The following diagram labels the title elements:



Note that this image has the CalendarTitle property set to {1:MMM yyyy}-{2:MMM yyyy} and the MonthViewTitle property set to {0:MMMM yyyy}. The MonthCols property is set to 2 to display two months, and the calendar has been resized to 460px.

Title Appearance

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