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C1Calendar provides over 50 built-in CSS styles for its elements' normal and hover states. By using Calendar's CSS you can flawlessly combine your calendar into your new or existing Web site.

The following general styles can be applied to any of the calendarís elements through Cascading Style Sheets:


Style Property



Background color of the controls applied with this style.


URL to background image.


Border color of the controls applied with this style.


Style for each border side.


Style of the border of the controls applied with this style.


Thickness of the border around the controls applied with this style.


The next topics organize the C1Calendar styles into the following categories: navigation, preview, title, day, month, weekday, weekend, and weeknumber. Each category lists and defines the available style elements that pertain to it.

Navigation Button Styles

Title Styles

Day Styles

Month View Style

Week Day Styles

Weekend Styles

Week Number Styles

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