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Navigation Elements

C1Calendar contains an advanced navigation system for navigating through the calendar months. The calendar navigation element appears on the calendar title and consist of the following constituents:

      Previous and Next Buttons Allows you to go to the previous or next month by clicking the  or  buttons.

      Quick Previous and Quick Next Buttons Allows you to jump several months ahead or several months behind by clicking the quick previous, , or quick next, , buttons.

      Popup Calendar Month and Year Selector Clicking on the Calendar title opens up a month view area that displays the 12 months of the year, January through December. When animation is enabled the original month view area of days minimizes and the new month view area display unfades in. Clicking on the Calendar Title year the second time displays a new month view area with years from 2000 through 2010. To go back to the previous month view simply click the selected item on the month view area.


The following diagram labels the elements that make up the calendar navigation system.


A unique property style is associated with each navigation element so you can customize the navigation elements.

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