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Deploying your Application in a Medium Trust Environment

Depending on your hosting choice, you may need to deploy your Web site or application in a medium trust environment. Often in a shared hosting environment, medium trust is required. In a medium trust environment several permissions are unavailable or limited, including OleDbPermission, ReflectionPermission, and FileIOPermission. You can configure your Web.config file to enable these permissions.

Note: ComponentOne controls will not work in an environment where reflection is not allowed.

ComponentOne ASP.NET controls include the AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers() assembly attribute and will work under the medium trust level with some changes to the Web.config file.  Since this requires some control over the Web.config file, please check with your particular host to determine if they can provide the rights to override these security settings.

Modifying or Editing the Config File

Allowing Deserialization

Adding Permissions

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