ComponentOne Calendar for ASP.NET: Calendar for ASP.NET AJAX Samples

Calendar for ASP.NET AJAX Samples

Please be advised that this ComponentOne software tool is accompanied by various sample projects and/or demos, which may make use of other ComponentOne development tools included with ComponentOne Studios.

Samples can be accessed from the ComponentOne Sample Explorer. On your desktop, click the Start button and then click ComponentOne | Studio for ASP.NET | Samples | Palomino Samples.

C# Samples

The following pages within the ComponentOne Sample Explorer sample installed with ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET AJAX detail the C1Calendar control's functionality:





Uses a dropdown listbox to show each of the five built-in visual styles for the C1Calendar control.

Display Week Numbers

Shows how to display week numbers in the C1Calendar control.

Selection Modes

Shows how you can specify a criterion for selecting the C1Calendar control through the SelectionModes property.

Month Preview

Demonstrates how you can preview the previous or next month by moving the mouse over the preview arrows.


Shows the different types of navigation effects for the C1Calendar control.

Auto Postback

Demonstrates the auto postback when you select a date or navigate to another month in the C1Calendar control.

Customized Header/Footer

Shows how header and footers can be customized by templates. In this sample, the header and footer templates both include images.

Customized Dates

Demonstrates how to use day templates to add images to specific days in the C1Calendar control.

Popup Mode

Shows how to use a popup calendar with an input control.


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