Class Description
Public class C1Calendar
Client side Calendar Control.
Public class C1CalendarDay
Class that defines the properties for custom days.
Public class C1Date
Public class C1DateCollection
Collection of Date.
Public class DayOfWeek
Specifies the day of the week.
Public class GridLines
Specifies the gridline styles for controls that display items in a table structure.
Public class MonthDayFormat
Determines the format for displaying the month day.
Public class NavigationButton
Enumeration that determines the display of navigation buttons.
Public class NavigationEffect
Animation effects while switching between months.
Public class SelectionEventArgs
Event Argument for selection.
Public class SelectionEventHandler
Public class SelectionMode
Determines the mode of selection.
Public class SelectionType
Determines at which area the user selects.
Public class WeekDayFormat
Determines the format for displaying the week day.