BarChart for ASP.NET WebForms
ChartLabelCompass Enumeration

C1.Web.Wijmo.Controls.4 Assembly > C1.Web.Wijmo.Controls.C1Chart Namespace : ChartLabelCompass Enumeration
Use the members of this enumeration to set the value of the ChartLabel.Compass property.
Public Enum ChartLabelCompass 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum ChartLabelCompass : System.Enum 
EastPlaces label to the East or to the right of the data point.
NorthPlaces label to the north or above the data point.
NorthEastPlaces label to the NorthEast or above and right of the data point.
NorthWestPlaces label to the NorthWest or above and left of the data point.
SouthPlaces label to the South or below the data point.
SouthEastPlaces label to the SouthEast or below and right of the data point.
SouthWestPlaces label to the SouthWest or below and left of the data point.
WestPlaces label to the West or left of the data point.
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