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You can add a title to the FlexChart control by setting its Header property. Besides a title, you may also set a footer for the chart by setting the Footer property. There are also some additional properties to customize header and footer text in a FlexChart.

The image below shows how the FlexChart appears, after these properties have been set.

Header and footer in FlexChart

The following code examples demonstrate how to set header and footer properties in C# and XAML. This example uses the sample created in the Quick Start section.

In Code

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//Set header and footer
chart.Header = "Sales data";      
chart.HeaderAlignment = LayoutAlignment.Fill;

chart.Footer = "Random data by ComponentOne";
chart.FooterAlignment = LayoutAlignment.Fill;


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<c1:FlexChart x:Name="chart" ItemsSource="{Binding Data}" BindingX="Name" ChartType="Column"
Header="Sales Data" HeaderAlignment="Fill" Footer="Random data by ComponentOne"