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Mask Symbols
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The MaskedEntry control provides an editable Mask that supports a set of special mask characters/symbols, which is a subset of .NET MaskedTextBox Mask. These characters are used to specify the format in which the data should be entered in an input field. For this, you need to use the Mask property for specifying the data entry format.

For example, setting the Mask property for a MaskedEntry control to "90/90/0000" lets users enter date in international date format. Here, the "/" character works as a logical date separator.

The following table enlists mask symbols supported by the MaskedEntry control.

Mask Symbol Description
0 Digit
9 Digit or space
# Digit, sign, or space
L Letter
? Letter, optional
C Character, optional
& Character, required
I Letter or space
A Alphanumeric
a Alphanumeric or space
. Localized decimal point
, Localized thousand separator
: Localized time separator
/ Localized date separator
$ Localized currency symbol
< Converts characters that follow to lowercase
> Converts characters that follow to uppercase
| Disables case conversion
\ Escapes any character, turning it into a literal
All others Literals.