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C1.Xamarin.Forms.Core Namespace (C1.Xamarin.Forms.Core)
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C1.Xamarin.Forms.Core Assembly : C1.Xamarin.Forms.Core Namespace
Class Provides event data for asynchronous events.
ClassDeferral used to block the event until Complete method is called.
Class Deferrals awaiter used to wait for the deferrals of an async event.
Class Contains information about a specific animation.
Class Represents an icon created from an image.
Class Basic control used to draw a border around another view.
Class Represents a control that a user can select and clear.
Class Converts a coma-separated list of values to an array of double's.
Class Easing function used to interpolate the values of an animation.
Class Represents an icon created from a font.
Class Represents a visual icon that can be tinted and resized.
ClassThis factory allows creating C1Icon.
Class Contains information about gesture events.
ClassConverts a string into a Xamarin.Forms.LayoutOptions value.
Class Represents an icon created from a vectorial definition.
Class Represent a pre-defined icon used in XF.
Class Contains information of the tap events.
Class This class allows accesing theme-related properties.
ClassConverts a System.String containing a number(milliseconds) into a System.TimeSpan.
Class Represents a button that a user can expand and collapse.
Class Represents an icon created from a vectorial definition.
Class Provides information for keyboard events.
ClassAllows the users to set a license in the Key property.
Class Represent a license
Class Stores license information from XML file
Class View extensions
EnumerationDetermines the way to draw the borders of C1Border.
Enumeration Enumerates the different kind of devices which can perform drag operations.
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