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Breaking Changes for Xuni Users
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New Package Names

The packages have changed their prefix if you're coming from Xuni. For instance,

Xuni.Android.Calendar now corresponds to C1.Android.Calendar

Xuni.iOS.Calendar now corresponds to C1.iOS.Calendar

Xuni.Forms.Calendar now corresponds to C1.Xamarin.Forms.Calendar

We have also moved to a more consistent naming scheme for our controls based on the following pattern:


For example, FlexGrid is available in C1.Xamarin.Forms.Grid

Additionally, FlexChart, FlexPie, and ChartCore have all been consolidated into one single package instead of three different packages. To use FlexChart or FlexPie, you now need to add a single package developed for the platform of your choice:

Namespace Changes

We’ve made some changes to the namespace of the current controls, which are in line with the changes in package names. For example, Xuni.Forms.Calendar now corresponds to C1.Xamarin.Forms.Calendar.

Minor API Changes

There are some minor changes in API between ComponentOne Xamarin Edition and Xuni. These should mostly amount to additions, slight change in syntax, and use of prefix 'C1' instead of 'Xuni' in class and object names. For FlexChart, however, the control is very actively growing in terms of API, so missing features are intended to be added in the future.