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Add New Row
Controls > FlexGrid > Features > Editing > Add New Row

FlexGrid allows you to show a new row template at the top or bottom of the grid using NewRowPosition property, which takes values from the GridNewRowPosition enumeration. You can control the text to be displayed to a user by setting the NewRowPlaceHolder property. Users may use the new row template to add items to the grid's itemsSource collection.

The image below shows how the FlexGrid appears after adding the new row.

The following code example demonstrates how to set this property in C# and XAML. The example uses the sample created in the Quick start section.

In Code

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grid.NewRowPosition = GridNewRowPosition.Top;
grid.NewRowPlaceholder = "Tap to begin entering a new row";


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<c1:FlexGrid x:Name="grid" NewRowPosition="Top" NewRowPlaceholder="Tap to begin entering a new row"/>