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CollectionView is a powerful cross-platform data management component that is designed to perform common data transformations and virtualization operations like sorting, grouping, filtering, editing, incremental-loading and refreshing. It provides a series of interfaces which are consumed and manipulated by the controls, such as grid, and these interfaces are implemented by collection views. CollectionView provides the interfaces so that the built-in features of the control are available for you to provide the data in a straightforward way without needing to synchronize the sources.

C1CollectionView library provides two implementations of ICollectionView, namely C1CollectionView and C1CursorCollectionViewC1CollectionView is an in-memory collection view and C1CursorCollectionView is an abstract base class for a range of remote-source collections.

Key Features

The C1CollectionView implements several interfaces to provide current record management, custom sorting, filtering, grouping, editing, incremental loading, and refreshing.