LightSwitch Edition Release History
2014 v1

Studio for LightSwitch 2014 v1 is released with several new features and bug fixes. This version of Studio for LightSwitch HTML is powered by Wijmo Professional version 3.20133.29.

This topic has a complete list of the enhancements and fixes included in 2014 v1 release. If you have a licensed ComponentOne Studio for LightSwitch installed in your system, you can download and install this upgrade for free. Please contact sales in case you have any query or you want to know more about the available options.

New in 2014 v1 Release

No screen templates are provided for the D3 controls, but you can instantiate them as follows:

  1. Create a new browse screen for the desired data source.
  2. In the screen designer, change the control type of the collection element from List to D3 Collection Control.
  3. In the Properties window, set the Widget property to the desired control (default: Treemap).
  4. Click the Edit Render Code link to generate the render method for the control.


Bug Fixes:


Bug Fixes:

Events Calendar

Bug Fixes:


Bug Fixes:


Bug Fixes:



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