LightSwitch Edition Release History
2013 v3

Studio for LightSwitch 2013 v3 is released with several new features and bug fixes. This version of Studio for LightSwitch HTML is powered by Wijmo Professional version 3.20133.18

This topic has a complete list of the enhancements and fixes included in 2013 v3 release. If you have a licensed ComponentOne Studio for LightSwitch installed in your system, you can download and install this upgrade for free. Please contact sales in case you have any query or you want to know more about the available options.

New in 2013 v3 Release

Make sure you are using the correct default.html file: The NuGet package Wijmo for LightSwitch HTML Client includes a modified version of default.htm that includes references to the Wijmo scripts and stylesheets. With the release of this version, the default.chm file is compatible with Visual Studio 2013 RTM only.

For Visual Studio 2013 Preview:

The package also installs a file named default2013.htm similar to default.htm. If you did not overwrite default.htm during package installation and you are using Visual Studio 2013, use this file instead of the original default.htm.

For Visual Studio 2012 ( Update or above) :

Use the file default2012.htm instead. Rename or delete the original default.htm and then rename default2012.htm to default.htm.



Bug Fixes:


Bug Fixes:


Bug Fixes:


Bug Fixes:

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Bug Fixes:



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