ComponentOne Gauge for UWP
Gauges for UWP Key Features

Gauges for UWP includes the following key features:

Gauges for UWP includes 7 controls with different shapes. Select the most appropriate gauge for your data:

The C1Knob control enables the end-user to drag the pointer to a value. Also included is the unique C1RegionKnob with customizable regions. Interactive gauges offer an alternative to text-based editors or sliders and a very engaging experience for your users.

Define marks and labels in XAML or code. Use simple properties to customize their interval, location, and appearance. Apply formatting to the gauge labels; for example, format labels in currency or percentage format using standard format strings.

Add colored ranges to the gauge to draw attention to a certain range of values. Use simple properties to customize their start and end points, as well as location, size, and appearance. Create non-linear ranges by specifying a start and end width to show growth and add visual appeal to any gauge.

Use simple properties to customize the appearance and location of the pointer and pointer cap.

Use simple properties to set the start and sweep angle of the gauge scale. Gauges for UWP also supports logarithmic scales.

If there is no value, you can set the off position outside the range.

Gauges for UWP supports ClearStyle technology that allows you to easily change control colors without having to change control templates. By just setting a few color properties in Visual Studio you can easily change the look of any gauge.

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