ComponentOne FlexReport for WinForms
Setting FlexReportDesigner Options
Working with FlexReportDesigner > Setting FlexReportDesigner Options

To access the FlexReportDesigner Options dialog box, click the File menu and then Options. For more information, see  File Menu.

The FlexReportDesigner Options dialog box includes five tabs to control the appearance and behavior of the application. The tabs and the options available under each tab are:

General tab:

FlexReportDesigner Settings_General

It consists of the following options:

Design Pane tab:

FlexReportDesigner Settings_Design

It consists of the following options:

Save/Load tab:

FlexReportDesigner Settings_SaveLoad

 It consists of the following options:   

Connection tab:

FlexReportDesigner Settings_Data

It consists of the options for transaction isolation level.

Script Editor:

FlexReportDesigner Settings_ScriptEditor

 It consists of the following options:

Warnings tab:

FlexReportDesigner Settings_Warnings

 It consists of the following options:

In each of the above tabs, clicking OK saves the changes and clicking Cancel cancels any changes that you have made in the FlexReportDesigner Options dialog box.