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Exporting and Publishing a Report
Working with FlexReportDesigner > Exporting and Publishing a Report

Instead of printing the report, you may want to export it into a file and distribute it electronically to your clients or co-workers. The Designer supports the following export formats:

Format Description
Paged HTML (*.html) Creates one HTML file for each page in the report. The HTML pages contain links that let the user navigate the report.
Plain HTML (*.html) Creates a single HTML file with no drill-down functionality.
PDF with non-embedded (linked) fonts (*.pdf) Creates a PDF file that can be viewed on any computer equipped with Adobe's Acrobat viewer or browser plug-ins.
PDF/A  with embedded fonts (*.pdf) Creates a PDF file with embedded font information for extra portability.
RTF (*.rtf) Creates an RTF file that can be opened by most popular word processors (for example, Microsoft Word, WordPad). It can be saved as Paged or Open XML document.
Microsoft Excel 97 (*.xls) Creates an XLS file that can be opened by Microsoft Excel.
Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 Open XML (*.xlsx) Creates an XLS file that can be opened by Microsoft Excel 2007 and later.
Open XML Word (*.docx) Creates a DOCX file that can be opened by Microsoft Word 2007 and later.
Compressed Metafile (*.zip) Creates a compressed metafile file, of the type EmfOnly, EmfPlusOnly,and EmfPlusDual.
TIFF (*.tiff), BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF images Create image file of type TIFF (Tag Image File Format), BMP (Bitmap Images), PNG(Portable Network Graphic), JPEG or GIF.


To create an export file, select File | Export from the menu and use the Export Report to File dialog box to specify the location, File name and Save as type.


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